Input data set: Sea-level rise

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Data Type: Other
Simulation rounds: ISIMIP2b

Total climate-driven regional sea level projections on a global 0.5x0.5° grid. Projection is a combination of ocean dynamic sea level fields and steric global contribution from the ISIMIP GCMs, and the fingerprints from glaciers and the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The time-dependent fingerpints were generated by scaling a time-independent fingerprint (see Bamber and Riva 2010) with the respective global timeseries for each contribution. Uncertainty for fingerprints is only from the global timeseries. Data is available for following time periods: historical (1861-2005), rcp26 (2006-2099; HadGEM2-ES and IPSL-CM5A-LR extended to 2299), rcp60 (2006-2099) (See below for detailed information).

Scenarios: historical, rcp26, rcp60
Variables: glacier, greenland, antarctica_sid, antarctica_smb, total

Data are available for the following GCMs and scenarios:
GFDL-ESM2M historical, rcp26, rcp60
HadGEM2-ES historical, rcp26 (extended to 2299), rcp60
IPSL-CM5A-LR historical, rcp26 (extended to 2299), rcp60
MIROC5 historical, rcp26, rcp60

Data source

Author of data set: Matthias Mengel (matthias.mengel [at]


Ocean data is in some cases provided on shorter time spans than the respective global mean temperature data, which drives the glacier and ice sheet contributions. In this dataset, we use the global mean temperature time axis, so that the single contributions are fully present. This leads in some cases to missing values at the beginning and/or the end of the ocean and total timeseries. In some cases (specify when cluster is back), missing values extend to 2100-2300. This dataset does not include a contribution from land water storage. All values are relative to spatial mean value in the year 1861. Thus, the fingerprints, as scaled from global, are flat (i.e. zero at every grid point) 1861. The spatial structure of total slr in 1861 reflects the ocean dynamic pattern.

Only the variable 'total' is intended for use for impact modelling. The other variables are provided for interest only.

Download Instructions

For ISIMIP participants, these files are available for download on the DKRZ server using the path /ISIMIP/ISIMIP2b/InputData/sealevelrise/.

For external users, these data will be made available on the ISIMIP ESGF server ( Currently they are available via an rsync facility (described here:, for which the password will be provided upon request (