[PostDoc Position] “Climate Change Impact Modelling on Biodiversity”

Posted by Martin Park on May 4, 2022

The Dynamic Macroecology Group within the Land Change Science Research Unit (at Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and part of the ETH Domain) is searching for a duration of 1.5 years, starting between July and September 2022 for a PostDoc in “Climate Change Impact Modelling on Biodiversity”. The topic is part of the project ADOHRIS (Advantages of downscaling climate to high resolution for climate change impact studies) in collaboration with the COST Action PROCLIAS (Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors) and the Intersectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP).

The aim of the project is to analyze the output of different climate change impact models and to understand what new insights we gain from higher spatial resolution. To better understand the effects of spatial scale in climate change impact models, you will coordinate the simulation of climate impacts on different sectors such as vegetation, forest, hydrology, etc. with a specific focus on biodiversity. You will tightly collaborate with groups at the Potsdam Institute of Climate Change Impact Studies (PIK) among other institutions and the Intersectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) to coordinate the provision of climate change impact models to the project, and provide the biodiversity impact models. The project requires coordination between several scientific groups and might include scientific exchange visits via the COST Action Proclias. You will be based at WSL in Birmensdorf in the Dynamic Macroecology Group.

Please find further information here.