Support materials & Media

Introduction to ISIMIP

General Introduction to ISIMIP: Context, scenarios and set-up

Learn how to get involved in ISIMIP as a climate impacts modeler

Cross-sectoral case study 1: Projecting areas affected by extreme events

Cross-sectoral case study 2: Evaluating model performance

ISIpedia, the open climate impacts encyclopedia

ISIMIP data handling and submission

How to access and download publicly available data

How to contribute to ISIMIP with simulations

How to use the ISIMIP Quality checking tool

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Webinar series on the impacts of climate change on water quality

Water Quality - Status

Annette Janssen: Perspectives on lakes

Arthur Beusen: Perspectives on surface waters in the past

Water Quality Drivers

Michelle van Vliet: Perspectives on climate change

Maryna Strokal: Perspectives on pollution sources

WQ Webinar 3

Water Quality Impacts

Martina Flörke: Perspectives on food

Nyra Hofstra: Perspectives on health

WQ Webinar 4

Water Quality Futures

Carolien Kroeze: Perspectives on optimistic futures with effective solutions

Webinar series on climate impact attribution

Gabi Hegerl: Classical climate change detection & attribution

Jordis Tradowski: Attribution of European heavy rainfall event of July 2020

Friederike Otto: Attributing of extreme weather events

Benjamin Sultan: Attribution of crop production loss in West Africa

Katja Frieler, Matthias Mengel: Concepts of climate impact attribution

Luke Grant: Attribution of physical changes in freshwater lake systems

Max Callaghan, Quentin Lejeune: Machine-learning for climate impact attribution