ISIMIP mailing lists

We communicate ISIMIP news, activities and modeling related updates through three different mailing lists, depending on the type of information we share and the audience to which each message is addressed:

  • isimip-followers: This list serves as our "newsletter", containing ISIMIP achievements, announcements of events, protocol releases, etc. In short, this list is used to communicate anything important for the interested ISIMIP follower.

  • isimip-modelers: This channel is used to communicate more specific information on topics that are of relevance for active ISIMIP modelers, e.g. protocol updates, technical issues, internal events or updates in DKRZ data during embargo period. Participating modelers and groups are added to this list when joining ISIMIP, but they can unsubscribe at any moment. If you are a modeller and are not yet subscribed to this list, we highly recommend you to do it.
  • isimip-data_updates: This list will get you notified about data updates and issues found in the ISIMIP input and output data (after embargo period). Data caveats from the data portal, containing publicly available data, will be automatically forwarded to this list. All users of ISIMIP data are recommended to subscribe to this list.

More information about what it means to be an ISIMIP modeler or an ISIMIP follower can be found here.

ISIMIP communication archives

If you are new to ISIMIP and want to know what has happened in the past, or if you just want to be sure that you have not missed any important information, please check the archives of our different mailing lists. These will give you an idea on the kind of content shared and the frequency of communication in each mailing list, which might help you decide which list you should join.