ISIMIP data access

Access the ISIMIP repository to download public ISIMIP input and output data. The portal helps you to get a quick overview of the data available, and you can use the search function and filters to navigate through them. Data can be downloaded using the web interface or in bulk using tools like wget.

All data is described in our Input and Output data tables.

Important: By downloading data from the ISIMIP repository, you agree to the ISIMIP Terms of use for publicly available data.

Please check the support materials for some guiding video tutorials and contact the ISIMIP data team if you don't find a data set.

The ISIMIP repository is a service hosted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

If you are an active ISIMIP participant and contribute with simulations according to the ISIMIP protocols you can also download input and simulation data via the DKRZ HPC system (account required). Please check the Modellers' Dashboard for further information, or follow the instructions how to Join ISIMIP in case you have no account yet.