Derived Output

Access the derived output data in the ISIMIP repository

The Derived Output Data category on the Data Portal contains data products generated from the original ISIMIP model outputs. These datasets are not described in the ISIMIP protocol and do not necessarily follow our full file format conventions. Instead, they are linked to a specific publication, where a detailed description of the data, and how it was created can be found. A brief summary is also given on the DOI page for the data product.

This is the list of all derived output data sets available from the ISIMIP data portal:

  • Land area and population fractions exposed to extreme climate impact events. The data covers the following six extreme climate impact events: crop failures, drought, heatwaves, river floods, tropical cyclones and wildfire, and are provided on a global 0.5° grid and in annual time steps. (Lange, S. et al. (2020): Land area fractions and population fractions exposed to extreme climate impact events derived from ISIMIP2b output data (v1.0). ISIMIP Repository.