Fact sheets and documents

ISIMIP fact sheets and documents give further information on ISIMIP input data, processing steps, and strategic processes and decisions.

ISIMIP3 fact sheets and documents

ISIMIP3 Counterfactual climate forcing data

ISIMIP3b Bias Adjustment

ISIMIP3b temperature thresholds and time slices

ISIMIP3 ocean regions

ISIMIP2 fact sheets and documents

ISIMIP2b Bias Adjustment

ISIMIP2a focus regions

ISIMIP2b focus regions

ISIMIP2b temperature thresholds and time slices

Fast Track fact sheets and documents

Fast Track Bias Adjustment

Strategic documents

ISIMIP Mission and Implementation document

Outcomes of the Strategy group meeting 2018 documenting the decisions on the ISIMIP2 simulation set up

ISIpedia stakeholder survey report 2018 to identify the needs of relevant stakeholders regarding climate-impact information, and their current possibilities and impediments to accessing such information.

ISIpedia stakeholder workshops report on development of climate impact indicators (2019)

ISIpedia stakeholder feedback report 2020 on the development of the ISIpedia portal.