Data replacement

In case you want to replace data that has already passed our quality-checks (no matter if in the ISIMIP workspace at DKRZ or in the ISIMIP repository) please send an email to as well as to the corresponding sector coordinators.

Replacement of data during the embargo period is communicated via the "isimip-modelers" mailing list.

Replacement of data already published are documented in the data caveat log in the ISIMIP repository and communicated via the isimip-data_updates mailing list. In addition, such data replacement may require the publication of a new DOI. In this case, a copy of the replaced data is kept on tape and a new DOI is issued, while the old DOI is kept online with information on how to retrieve the archived data.

It is the responsibility of paper lead authors to ensure that they have used the most up-to-date data version before submitting a paper. Modellers included as co-authors should actively communicate any updates of their data to the lead-author.