DOI creation & replacement

In order to make our data uniquely identifiable and citable in scolarly publications, we use Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). A DOI refers to the specific instance of a data ensemble at the time it is made publicly available, i.e. the time of transfer to the ISIMIP repository.

Most of our DOI are registered by us, but sometimes we reference datasets registered by other parties. In those cases, please follow the policies of the original data provider.

Give a look at our DOIs for ISIMIP data sets.

DOI creation

The DOI citation lists all relevant model-contact people, as well as contributing scientists. The model contact people will be based on the list of people responsible for model simulations in a simulation round, as given in the documentation pages of our ISIMIP impact models. It is the responsibility of the contact people to ensure that the list of contributing scientists is complete.

The order of citation of contributors to a DOI is the following (each subgroup is listed alphabetically): 1. ISIMIP sector coordinators (if more than one person, order should be agreed among them), 2. Modelers, 3. ISIMIP data managers, and 4. ISIMIP cross-sectoral science team for this sector.

DOI replacement

Whenever we need to replace a dataset after this has been published in the ISIMIP repository, we will create a new version of the DOI, marked by a version number (e.g. .1). This ensures that every DOI references exactly the datasets which where public at the time of registration. Unpublished datasets are archived on tape and can be made available on request.