rsync data transfer from PIK with Grsync for Windows

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Starting with build 14316 Windows 10 supports a Linux compatible interface to run in the Windows PowerShell. Please see the documentation to install WSL on your machine. You'll then be able to install and run Linux commands and tools in a bash shell, e.g cdo, ssh, rsync, wget,..., e.g sudo apt install cdo

Right from the start your Windows user directories are also available in the subsystem under /mnt/c/Users/

For the ESGF wget scripts to work you need to install ORACLEs Java runtime environment into your Linux subsystem. Please see instructions here for the Ubuntu for Windows variant.

Grsync for Windows

Here we describe a tested solution to transfer data from PIKs rsync service on a Microsoft Windows machine.

  • get the program here and start the installer
  • create a file just containing the password given to you by the ISIMIP coordination team
    e.g. C:\Users\foo\Documents\password
  • Launch Grsync and configure the connection as seen in the screenshot below by replacing the user name of your Windows instance and the remote folder
  • add the option for the password file
  • Press "Simulation" to get a preview of the subfolders and files in the folder
  • adapt the remote folder to your needs and press "Execute" to transfer the files into your destination folder
Grsync Windows Config