Input data set: Nitrogen deposition

Annual and monthly, 0.5° gridded data for 1850-2099 derived from the average of three atmospheric chemistry models (i.e., GISS-E2-R, CCSM-CAM3.5, and GFDL-AM3) in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project (ACCMIP) (0.5° x 0.5°).

Data Type: Other human influences
Simulation rounds: ISIMIP2b
Scenarios: histsoc, rcp26soc, rcp60soc
Variables: nhx, noy

GISS-E2-R provided monthly data; CCSM-CAM3.5 provided monthly data in each decade from 1850s to the 2000s; and GFDL-AM3 provided monthly data for 1850-1860, 1871-1950, 1961-1980, 1991-2000 and 2001-2010.

Annual deposition rates calculated by aggregating the monthly data, and deposition rates in years without model output were calculated according to spline interpolation (CCSM-CAM3.5) or linear interpolation (for GFDL). The original deposition data was downscaled to spatial resolution of half degree (90° N to 90° S, 180° W to 180° E) by applying the nearest interpolation.

Data source

Lamarque et al., 2013a, 2013b

Download Instructions

For ISIMIP participants, these files are available for download on the DKRZ server vre2 using the path /ISIMIP/ISIMIP2b/InputData/n-deposition/.

For external users, these data will shortly be made available on the ISIMIP node of the ESGF server ( Currently they are available via an rsync facility (described here:, for which the password will be provided upon request (