Input data set: CO2 concentration

Atmospheric CO2 concentration for 1661-2299. Values are constant for 1661-1860, following observations from 1861-2005, and correspond to rcp26 and rcp60 from 2006-2299.

Data Type: Emissions
Simulation rounds: ISIMIP2b, ISIMIP2a, Fast Track
Scenarios: historical, rcp26, rcp60
Variables: co2
Download Instructions

For ISIMIP participants, these files are available for download on the DKRZ server vre2 using the path /ISIMIP/ISIMIP2b/InputData/climate_co2/co2/.

For external users, these data will shortly be made available on the ISIMIP node of the ESGF server ( Currently they are available via an rsync facility (described here:, for which the password will be provided upon request (