Input data set: Historical land transformation

Protocol relation: Protocol
Data Type: Direct human forcings
Simulation rounds: ISIMIP3a

Gridded historical annual land transformation for the time periods 1850-2021 on a 0.5° grid based on the LUH2 v2.1f data set..

Scenarios: 1901soc, 2015soc, histsoc
Variables: land-transformation

Land transformation data based on the HYDE 3.2 data set (Klein Goldewijk, 2016), but harmonized by Hurtt et al. (LUH2 v2.1f data set; see: Hurtt, Chini, Sahajpal, Frolking, & et al, 2020; Interpolated to the ISIMIP 0.5° grid using first-order conservative remapping. The data have been extended up to 2021 by copying the 2017 data into the following years.

The data set consists of 115 land transformation categories:
c3ann_to_secdf, c3ann_to_secdn, c3ann_to_urban, c3ann_to_c4ann, c3ann_to_c3per, c3ann_to_c4per, c3ann_to_c3nfx, c3ann_to_pastr, c3ann_to_range, c3nfx_to_secdf, c3nfx_to_secdn, c3nfx_to_urban, c3nfx_to_c3ann, c3nfx_to_c4ann, c3nfx_to_c3per, c3nfx_to_c4per, c3nfx_to_pastr, c3nfx_to_range, c3per_to_secdf, c3per_to_secdn, c3per_to_urban, c3per_to_c3ann, c3per_to_c4ann, c3per_to_c4per, c3per_to_c3nfx, c3per_to_pastr, c3per_to_range, c4ann_to_secdf, c4ann_to_secdn, c4ann_to_urban, c4ann_to_c3ann, c4ann_to_c3per, c4ann_to_c4per, c4ann_to_c3nfx, c4ann_to_pastr, c4ann_to_range, c4per_to_secdf, c4per_to_secdn, c4per_to_urban, c4per_to_c3ann, c4per_to_c4ann, c4per_to_c3per, c4per_to_c3nfx, c4per_to_pastr, c4per_to_range, pastr_to_c3ann, pastr_to_c3nfx, pastr_to_c3per, pastr_to_c4ann, pastr_to_c4per, pastr_to_range, pastr_to_secdf, pastr_to_secdn, pastr_to_urban, primf_to_c3ann, primf_to_c3nfx, primf_to_c3per, primf_to_c4ann, primf_to_c4per, primf_to_pastr, primf_to_range, primf_to_secdn, primf_to_urban, primn_to_c3ann, primn_to_c3nfx, primn_to_c3per, primn_to_c4ann, primn_to_c4per, primn_to_pastr, primn_to_range, primn_to_secdf, primn_to_urban, range_to_c3ann, range_to_c3nfx, range_to_c3per, range_to_c4ann, range_to_c4per, range_to_pastr, range_to_secdf, range_to_secdn, range_to_urban, secdf_to_c3ann, secdf_to_c3nfx, secdf_to_c3per, secdf_to_c4ann, secdf_to_c4per, secdf_to_pastr, secdf_to_range, secdf_to_secdn, secdf_to_urban, secdn_to_c3ann, secdn_to_c3nfx, secdn_to_c3per, secdn_to_c4ann, secdn_to_c4per, secdn_to_pastr, secdn_to_range, secdn_to_secdf, secdn_to_urban, urban_to_secdf, urban_to_secdn, urban_to_c3ann, urban_to_c4ann, urban_to_c3per, urban_to_c4per, urban_to_c3nfx, urban_to_pastr, urban_to_range.

- c3ann: C3 annual crops
- c3nfx: C3 nitrogen-fixing crops
- c3per: C3 perennial crops
- c4ann: C4 annual crops
- c4per: C4 perennial crops
- pastr: managed pasture
- range: rangeland
- secdf: potentially forested secondary land
- secdn: potentially non-forested secondary land
- urban: urban land

Data source

Klein Goldewijk, Dr. ir. C.G.M. (Utrecht University) (2016): A historical land use data set for the Holocene; HYDE 3.2 (replaced). DANS.

Klein Goldewijk, K., Beusen, A., Doelman, J., and Stehfest, E.: New anthropogenic land use estimates for the Holocene; HYDE 3.2, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., doi:10.5194/essd-2016-58, in review, 2016.

Hurtt, G. et al. (2020) Harmonization of global land use change and management for the period 850–2100 (LUH2) for CMIP6, Geoscientific Model Development, 13, 5425-5464,

Download Instructions

For ISIMIP participants, these files are available for download on the DKRZ server using the path /work/bb0820/ISIMIP/ISIMIP3a/InputData/socioeconomic/land-transformation/ or

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