Input data set: Historical, gridded land use

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Data Type: Land use
Simulation rounds: ISIMIP3b, ISIMIP3a

Direct human forcings.

Historical annual land-use (LU) changes for the time periods 1850-2021 (ISIMIP3a) and 1850-2014 (ISIMIP3b), on a 0.5°x0.5° lat-lon grid.

Scenarios: 1901soc, 2015soc, historical, histsoc
Variables: c3per, c4per, maize, oil_crops_groundnut, oil_crops_rapeseed, oil_crops_soybean, oil_crops_sunflower, others_c3ann, others_c3nfx, pulses, rice, temperate_cereals, temperate_roots, tropical_cereals and tropical_roots both rainfed and irrigated, and pastures, c3ann_irrigated, c3ann_rainfed, c3per_irrigated, c3per_rainfed, c3nfx_irrigated, c3nfx_rainfed, c4ann_irrigated, c4ann_rainfed, c4per_irrigated, c4per_rainfed, cropland_rainfed, cropland_irrigated, cropland_total, pastures

Land use data based on the HYDE 3.2 data set (Klein Goldewijk, 2016), but harmonized by Hurtt et al. (LUH2 v2h data set; see: Hurtt, Chini, Sahajpal, Frolking, & et al, 2020;

Land use categories provided: land use totals (cropland_rainfed, cropland_irrigated, cropland_total, pastures), pastures and rangeland, urban areas, downscaling to 5 crop types (C3 annual, C3 perennial, C4 annual, C4 perennial and C3 nitrogen fixing crops), and downscaling to 15 crops (c3per_irrigated, c3per_rainfed, c4per_irrigated, c4per_rainfed, maize_irrigated, maize_rainfed, oil_crops_groundnut_irrigated, oil_crops_groundnut_rainfed, oil_crops_rapeseed_irrigated, oil_crops_rapeseed_rainfed, oil_crops_soybean_irrigated, oil_crops_soybean_rainfed, oil_crops_sunflower_irrigated, oil_crops_sunflower_rainfed, others_c3ann_irrigated, others_c3ann_rainfed, others_c3nfx_irrigated, others_c3nfx_rainfed, pastures, pulses_irrigated, pulses_rainfed, rice_irrigated, rice_rainfed, temperate_cereals_irrigated, temperate_cereals_rainfed, temperate_roots_irrigated, temperate_roots_rainfed, tropical_cereals_irrigated, tropical_cereals_rainfed, tropical_roots_irrigated, tropical_roots_rainfed).

Furthermore, the LUH2 v2h data set gives information on management, i.e. it provides information of irrigated vs rainfed areas and on fertilization rates. We interpolated this data set onto the ISIMIP standard grid in order to generate the “landuse-totals”, the “landuse-pastures”, the “landuse-urbanareas” and the “n-fertilizer-5crops” ISIMIP input files.

Downscaling to 15 crops: The C4 perennial crops are not further downscaled from the "5 crops" data set and currently only include sugarcane. Similarly, the C3 perennial crops are not downscaled either. The data is derived from the "5 crops" LUH2 data, and the crops have been downscaled to 15 crops according to the ratios given by the Monfreda data set (Monfreda, Ramankutty, & Foley, 2008).

Data source

Klein Goldewijk, Dr. ir. C.G.M. (Utrecht University) (2016): A historical land use data set for the Holocene; HYDE 3.2 (replaced). DANS.

Klein Goldewijk, K., Beusen, A., Doelman, J., and Stehfest, E.: New anthropogenic land use estimates for the Holocene; HYDE 3.2, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., doi:10.5194/essd-2016-58, in review, 2016.

Hurtt, G. et al. (2020) Harmonization of global land use change and management for the period 850–2100 (LUH2) for CMIP6, Geoscientific Model Development, 13, 5425-5464,

Monfreda, C., Ramankutty, N., and Foley, J. A. (2008), Farming the planet: 2. Geographic distribution of crop areas, yields, physiological types, and net primary production in the year 2000, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 22, GB1022, doi:10.1029/2007GB002947.

Download Instructions

For ISIMIP participants, these files are available for download on the DKRZ server using the path /work/bb0820/ISIMIP/ISIMIP3a/InputData/socioeconomic/landuse/.

For external users, these data can be downloaded from the ISIMIP Repository using the link below.

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