ISIMIP2a: GSWP3-W5E5 dataset replaced reflecting new homogenisation

Posted by Stefan Lange on Jan. 20, 2020

The GSWP3-W5E5 dataset initially provided within ISIMIP2a has been replaced by a new version on Jan. 20, 2020. For this new version, the homogenisation of GSWP3 to W5E5 was done using the univariate variant of the bias-adjustment method ISIMIP3BASD v2.1 ( The new homogensiation affects data from 1901 to 1978. In addition, errors in W5E5 data were corrected that were found for selected variables for selected days: for pr, rlds and rsds for Jan. 01, 1979; for hurs, huss, tas, tasmax and tasmin for May 07, 2014.