Impact model: FLake-DkIT

FLake is a one-dimensional bulk model of the lake thermal regime specifically designed to parameterize inland waters in climate models and numerical weather prediction systems. FLake is based on a two-layer parametric representation of the vertical temperature structure.

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Information for the model FLake-DkIT is provided for the simulation rounds shown in the tabs below. Click on the appropriate tab to get the information for the simulation round you are interested in.

Basic information
Model Version: 1.0
Reference Paper: Main Reference: Mironov, D. et al. Parameterization of lakes in numerical weather prediction: Part 1. Description of a lake modeCOSMO Technical Report,11,,2008
Person Responsible For Model Simulations In This Simulation Round: Iestyn Woolway
Spatial Aggregation: regular grid
Spatial Resolution: 0.5°x0.5°
Temporal Resolution Of Input Data: Climate Variables: daily
Input data sets used
Climate Variables: tas, rlds, huss, sfcWind, rsds
Was A Spin-Up Performed?: Yes
Spin-Up Design: 2-year spin-up whereby the first year of the simulation round was repeated. Used to initialise the starting conditions of the model.
Additional questions 1
How did you initialise you lake temperature profile?: Firstly set to 4C throughout, but then altered according to the 2-year spin-up period
How did you set lake depth?: GLDB
How did you set water transparency?: Following empirical relation of extinction coefficient to lake depth by (Hakanson, 1995)