ISIMIP3a/b protocol released

Posted by Martin Park on Feb. 26, 2020

The new machine-readable ISIMIP3a/b simulation protocol has been released on February 21 2020.

It basically reflects the decisions taken at the Strategy Group meeting in Potsdam, September 2018.

ISIMIP3a (model evaluation + detection and attribution of observed impacts)

ISIMIP3b (GCM-based quantification of impacts at different levels of climate change)

We encourage you to start with both protocols and run 3a- and 3b-simulations in parallel as we consider both to be equally important for AR6. Please make sure to use the same model versions for 3a- and 3b-simulations. Most of the input data is already in place on the DKRZ server, and we are going to fill in the rest over the coming days.

Please find further information in the protocol section