PROCLIAS-ISIMIP Webinar Series on Climate Impact Attribution

Posted by Martin Park on Jan. 19, 2022

Registration to the ISIMIP-PROCLIAS webinar now open at:


This series of 7 online lectures aims to explore the emerging field of climate impact attribution. In the first part of the series, participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of classical climate trend and event attribution, and the conceptual framing of climate impact attribution. The second part of the series will feature selected case studies, exemplifying the specific challenges of impact attribution and showing most recent methodological developments. As such the series can serve as a training to climate impact scientists who have not previously worked on formal detection and attribution, as well as a platform to intensify exchanges between the currently still quite separated attribution communities represented in the IPCC Working Groups I and II.

WEBINAR The role of impact science in climate litigation_final.png