Announcing ISIpedia launch

Posted by Martin Park on Nov. 2, 2021

We are happy to share the good news that the ISIMIP outreach platform “ISIpedia” is now online! You can visit the portal

ISIpedia features ISIMIP-based scientific studies, translated into layman’s terms articles. On ISIpedia you will find articles that fall into three categories. The first one,‘Observed impacts’, includes questions such as “Is the reported increase in flood induced damages already induced by climate change?” The second category is ‘Model evaluation’, where we question whether our tools to project climate impacts into the future are good; for example, “Are our crop-models able to reproduce the strong drop in maize yields that has been observed in the US at very high temperatures?” The third category is ‘Future projections’ and deals with the risks climate change will pose to natural systems and our societies.

Furthermore, the portal features ISIpedia stories providing extensive information on how these assessments can be applied. These are crucial, for example, for building a robust scientific basis in climate litigation cases or in evaluating the risks that climate change poses for the financial sector.

ISIpedia will grow and mature, and it is our aim to put evidence on the table, so that citizens, as well as businesses and policy-makers, can take best-informed decisions when it comes to acting on the climate crisis.

ISIpedia articles are written by scientists. If you would like to share your ISIMIP-based paper with the wider public, please feel encouraged to contact the ISIpedia editorial team (articles for “Observed impacts” do not need to be based on ISIMIP data).

Best greetings,
the ISIMIP coordination group at PIK