Changes to DKRZ server and data access

Posted on Dec. 17, 2015

we would like to inform you about some further changes to the way ISI-MIP data is uploaded and stored. Please read this email carefully and contact us if anything is unclear.

1. to be replaced by

The server will shortly be decommissioned and replaced with a virtual machine (VM) with the name

Matthias Büchner has already installed/compiled a set of tools (cdo, nco,...) you can use to work  with your data directly on the server, which can be included into your environment by adding "export PATH=/pf/b/b324025/tools.vre2/bin:$PATH" to your .bash_profile file.

Although we are doing our best to automate this process whilst preserving file permissions, we ask you to move all your data, scripts and other files from your home directory at vre1:/pf/b/USERNAME to vre2:/pf/b/USERNAME in order to avoid unnecessary hassles. You can do this using the following command whilst on vre1:
> scp -r $HOME/* vre2:/pf/b/$(whoami)/
- From now on you should be able to login to vre2, where you will find all our data in the same location as on

2. ISI-MIP data to be moved to LUSTRE file system

Due to the installation of a new parallel file system, and the take down of /gpfs_750/, on 1 January, 2016 ISI-MIP data will be moved to the LUSTRE file systeme at DKRZ. LUSTRE is already mounted on vre2 under /mnt/lustre01/work/bb0820/ and data transfer has begun. A second synchronization will be performed to catch any data that was updated on vre[1|2]/gpfs_750/after the start of the first synchronisation, at which time write permissions will be revoked from /gpfs_750/.

At the moment the exact schedule of the data move is not known to us but we will inform you once the changes have been completed.

Should you have any questions about these changes, please don't hesitate to contact Matthias directly (