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Posted on July 29, 2014

Now that the simulation protocol has been sent out, we would like to make you aware of some developments regarding other aspects of ISI-MIP.

1. Changes to ISI-MIP data-usage conditions

Your simulation data from the ISI-MIP Fast Track is now freely available via the server.  The current terms of use stipulate that the data are only available for non-commercial research and educational purposes only.  This was a condition of the agreement with the German funding body. However, we received feedback that these terms could be relaxed to allow for unrestricted use.  As a reference, approximately 70% of data in the CMIP5 archive is subject to similar unrestricted terms of use. 

For ISI-MIP2, we will extend the terms of use of the simulation data to allow access to the data for all interested parties, irrespective of their status. This means that part a) of the current terms of use for simulation data produced within ISI-MIP will now read:

a) I understand that the simulation data provided here is available for unrestricted, non-proprietary use.

Should you wish to restrict the usage of your model's results for ISI-MIP2 to non-commercial research and educational purposes only, you need to inform us explicitly via email.

2. Have you received funding for your ISI-MIP activities?

We would like to hear from you if you have been successful in securing, or are in the process of applying for funding that supports your ISI-MIP simulation activities (even if ISI-MIP is not the core activity for which funding was applied).  Gathering and passing on this information will help us to learn about potential sources of funding for ISI-MIP activities in your country, which might then be of help to others in your country.  Furthermore, the German ministry that funds the coordination team is interested in gauging the level of support for ISI-MIP internationally.  We would greatly appreciate hearing back from you regarding your fund-finding efforts.

3. Bias-correction code is now freely available

The ISI-MIP bias-correction code is now available for download and use on globally-gridded GCM data from our website.  The code implements the method described in Hempel et al., Earth Syst. Dynam., 4, 219-236 (2013) and ensures that the monthly average trends (e.g. absolute change in global-mean temperature, relative global trends in precipitation) are preserved between the original and bias-corrected data.  A short ReadMe document is provided, along with further instructions on how to apply the code. 

4. Publications using ISI-MIP data
A list of publications making use of ISI-MIP simulation data is available on our website.  In order to keep this list up to date, we would greatly appreciate your help in making us aware of any missing publications.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or comments regarding any aspect of ISI-MIP.

Best wishes,
The ISI-MIP coordination team.

P.S. All emails sent to the ISI-MIP mailing list can be found on our website.