Decision on Princeton data 1901-1947

Posted on Feb. 29, 2016

Based on your feedback regarding the correction to the 1901-1947 Princeton data, the following decisions has been reached:

* /All/ biomes models will re-run the Princeton data set due to the significant effects on the outcomes of the model spin up.

* We recommend that other models that have used the 1901-1947 data also re-run these simulations. If you are in this category, and plan to re run, *please let us know*. If you use the 1901-1947 Princeton databut don't think the error is significant for your model, we would like to hear from you as well.

* If the 1901-1947 data were not used, there is no need to re-run these simulations.

The new Princeton data files should have *the same filename*. In the metadata, the *version* should now be "v1 (1901-1947 corrected)".

The submitted Princeton runs in the biomas sector, and for any other models that will re-run the data, will taken off the DKRZ server in order to ensure that from now on only runs done with the corrected data can be accessed. The corrected 1901-1947 data, including the detrended versions are already available on the DKRZ server in the usual place. Thank you for your swift feedback and cooperation!