First set of bias corrected input data available

Posted on May 7, 2012

As explained in our last email, we have been revising the bias correction method over the last couple of weeks and today we are happy to be able to provide you with a first set of this corrected input data. The temperature data now preserves the absolute trend while for the other variables the relative trend is preserved. The first set of bias corrected input data for the variables tas, tasmin, tasmax, huss, rlds, rsds, ps, wind, uas and vas are available via the DKRZ server. Please go to and click "Input data", where you will find the link to the DKRZ server.

As you already know, we are also working on a modified version of the precipitation code to ensure that the relative change in precipitation is preserved. We intend to provide this precipitation data in the course of this week and we will keep you informed about these additions to the input data archive.

Additionally, we will circulate a fact sheet which includes a detailed explanation of the revised bias correction method. Of course we will keep on testing the revised bias correction method, and will keep you up-to-date regarding any changes in the revision of the data.

Futhermore, the modeling group LPJmL kindly brought to our attention that the spin-up cannot be based on observational data, especially for the ecosystems models. This problem arises from the different variability in the observed data and the GCM data, which leads to artificial jumps in the transition from the spin-up to the future GCM data despite the bias correction. Therefore, the spin-up data will be provided separately to you in the course of this week.

We apologize for the delay in releasing the corrected input data and again, we would like to thank everybody for providing their invaluable contribution in getting the revised bias-correction method of the input data under way.