Friendly reminder: ISI-MIP side event registration by 15 April 2013 and IMPACTS WORLD 2013 conference

Posted on April 11, 2013

In light of the upcoming IMPACTS WORLD 2013 conference and the ISI-MIP side event, we would like to remind you that registration for the ISI-MIP side event is open until 15 April 2013. In case you have not yet registered we would like to encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Registration for the side event can be completed via the ISI-MIP website -> Modelling Agenda Side Event.

Please note that the registration for the IMPACTS WORLD 2013 ( is a separate procedure. If you would like to attend the conference as well please pre-register by contacting with a short statement why you would like to attend. We will then send you personalized login credentials which enable you to register via the conference website.

Please remember to arrange your travel and accommodation soon to secure special room rates at the Dorint Hotel Potsdam. You will find information about the venue and suggestions for accommodation on the conference website.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the ISI-MIP side event and the IMPACTS WORLD 2013 conference.

13 February 2013: Important note regarding future data changes on DKRZ server

We would like to inform you about some updates regarding future data changes on the server.

With the date of February 13th we wrote a copy of all so far uploaded data on the server in Hamburg into the sub-directory

This copy may serve as a reference archive for any results obtained with ISI-MIP output data before this date, e.g. results used in publications submitted by the January 31 deadline. 
The directory structure has read-only permissions to make sure nothing is changed afterwards.

The directory upload_area will remain open for upload of additional data and, if necessary, replacement of erroneous data. We encourage you to keep uploading additional runs or updated data to this directory. Please remember to inform us about new uploads, and especially about any replacement of data, as this will need to be communicated to other users.

For paper authors: To ensure reproducibility of your published results, please remember to make sure that any data that you use and that is not included in upload_area.fixed (e.g. data that is added or updated after Feb 13th) is archived on your side.

We also want to remind you about the statistics we generate for the data pool. You can find three kinds of files in
/gpfs_750/projects/ISI_MIP/data/upload_stats produced automatically on a daily basis.

- uploadedFiles.list.DATE_TIME.txt contains a list of all files under upload_area along with the date and time of their upload or last change, respectively

- uploadedFiles.diff2last.DATE_TIME.txt is a simple diff file comparing the latest uploadedFiles.list.DATE_TIME.txt with uploadedFiles.list.(DATE-1)_TIME.txt

- uploadedFiles.newORupdated.DATE_TIME.txt is a subset of uploadedFiles.diff2last.DATE_TIME.txt only containing new or updated files (no removals)
Here DATE_TIME refers to the creation date of the statistics file.

Any future changes will be easily visible in the last two txt files mentioned above. Make sure you keep up to date in the event of using the data for future analysis.