historical climate forcing data now up to 2019

Posted by Martin Park on Dec. 15, 2021

Dear ISIMIP modelers and data users,

We would like to specify one important detail that might have lead to confusion regarding our previous email (from 13.09.2021) announcing updated ISIMIP3a climate forcing data: the latest GSWP3-W5E5 (as published in 09/2021) extends up to 2019, instead of 2016 (as it was the case for the previous version). Please make sure to account for this in your model set-up. The three additional simulation years should be highly useful e.g. for comparisons of simulated and observed recent impacts, so we strongly encourage running your simulations until 2019.

The data are publicly available in the ISIMIP data repository.

Best greetings,

the ISIMIP data team at PIK