Historical population data // Model data replaced on DRKZ server

Posted on Dec. 4, 2012

We would like to inform you about some updates regarding the provision of historical SSP data and replacement of model output data.


1. Historical population data

In addition to the gridded population data for the SSP scenarios, Felipe Colon of the Vectri modeling group has created and uploaded corresponding gridded population files for the 1950-2009 period (based on the UNWPP data) for your use in ISI-MIP analyses. The data as well as the documentation on the method used by Felipe is again available via our website. Please visit www.isimip.org -> Input data -> SSP data.


2. Model data replaced on DKRZ server

We would like to once again remind you that model results on the DKRZ server cannot yet be considered final.  We strongly recommend that you regularly check if the data you are using for your analysis have been recently updated. A list of the most recent upload date for each model can be found in the output data statistics via the following link, which is accessible via our website www.isimip.org -> Output data:

http://vre1.dkrz.de:8080/thredds/catalog/isi_mipEnhanced/upload_stats/ca talog.html

If you look into /uploadedFiles.list.DATE.txt/ you can see the date and time for the latest upload or change.

We also encourage you to post updates of data on the ISI-MIP blog!

Up until the 24 December 2012, data on the DKRZ may be subject to change.  If any changes after this date are made, we ask that you email us immediately so that we can communicate this to those using the data.