IMPACTS WORLD 2013 Conference and ISI-MIP Side Event

Posted on Nov. 22, 2012

We would like to provide you with some more in-depth information concerning the upcoming IMPACTS WORLD 2013 conference to be held next May 27-30 in Potsdam, Germany.

1. This conference will be an important opportunity to present ISI-MIP results.

The conference had initially been announced for June, as some of you may recall.

The conference programme includes one plenary session which is intended to showcase ISI-MIP results. This is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28.

Although the presentations of this session are reserved for ISI-MIP results, and therefore its participants, the procedure to submit an abstract is the same as for everybody else.

We would thus like to encourage you to submit an abstract, in which you indicate that it is based on ISI-MIP. Whilst submitting the abstract you will be asked to indicate which of the five key challenges, as identified in the visioning document, it relates to. Please chose the topic your abstract is most relevant to. The abstract will still be treated separately, rather than assigned one of the five discussion blocks in the conference programme. Please also indicate whether you are willing to give an oral presentation on the submitted abstracts. Presentations will then be selected from the abstracts received.

Of course you are all invited to submit abstracts outside ISI-MIP.

The call for papers is now open and abstracts are due by December 15.

2. An ISI-MIP side event is envisaged alongside the conference.

We are planning to host an ISI-MIP side event before and after the conference. The aim here is to identify steps that will lead to the second phase of the project to firmly establish the ISI-MIP long-term track. Particularly, it should be discussed how to include the regional scale within the ISI-MIP framework.

As the side event will be dedicated to the future of ISI-MIP, we would like to explicitly encourage you to join us here in finding the best way forward. There is no doubt that process will largely depend on a wide spectrum of input, inspiration and ideas. Some excellent points were raised already during our last workshop in Reading and it would be great if we could continue down that road together with you.

Registration for the side event will be separate to the conference. Details will follow soon.

Please do let us know if the above needs further clarification.