Improved soil map available

Posted by Martin Park on Nov. 16, 2020

Dear ISIMIP modelers,

thanks to efforts made in the Agriculture sector we are happy to announce that there is an improved soil map available based on HSWD 2.2 ( Besides updating to HSWD 2.2., many more variables are provided. The map with a focus on croplands ( has been updated accordingly. For further details please refer to the updated documentation (ggcmi_phase3_soil_input.pdf) in the ISIMIP3[ab]/InputData/geo_conditions/soil/ folders.

As indicated in the protocol, the soil map is not a mandatory input which means you are free to choose either the older or newer version or also a different data set.

Consistency between ISIMIP3a and ISIMIP3b has a priority. So if you think about using the new data set please make sure that all ISIMIP3a and ISIMIP3b simulations are based on the same soil map. If for example your ISIMIP3a simulations are based on a totally different, individual soil map and re-doing them is no option, please also use that soil map for the ISIMIP3b simulations and do not switch in between.

Thanks again to the Agriculture sector and take care,

the ISIMIP coordination team at PIK