Input appreciated: Dam/reservoirs: year of construction

Posted by Martin Park on Nov. 12, 2020

Dear ISIMIP modelers,

today we approach you with a request to improve the dams and reservoir data ISIMIP provides: we miss the years of construction for 7 large dams/reservoirs in our database, which we filled out with the year 1860 to not lose information.

We would like to improve the data set with your help: In case you have any reliable information from e.g. regional databases, we would highly appreciate it if you could provide years of construction and respective source of information.

Relevant dams are:

  • Canada: East Forebay Dike GF-16 (-96.75/58.25), North River (--> 1971)
  • Canada: Gabbro Control Dam / Ossokamanuan Reservoir (-64.75/53.25) (--> 1971(?) / 1960-1963)
  • Zambia: Mita Hills dam (29.25/-13.75), Lunsemfwa River
  • Ethiopia: Yardi dam / Lake Kadabassa Reservoir (30.25/29.25)
  • Turkmenistan: Saryyazin Skoye Reservoir (30.25/29.25)
  • Egypt: Al Fayyum Reservoir (40.25/10.25)
  • Egypt: Wadi Al Rayan Reservoir (62.75/36.25)

Thanks a lot and take care,

the ISIMIP coordination group at PIK