ISIMIP3a climate input data updates and new water global variables

Posted by Martin Park on Feb. 1, 2021

Dear ISIMIP modellers,

We have updated the ISIMIP3a counterfactual climate input data after a thorough revision of ATTRICI, the detrending method used to generate the counterfactual (“counterclim”) from factual (“obsclim”) climate input data. The update was carried out for both GSWP3 and GSWP3-W5E5. The updated data are now available at PIK, DKRZ, ESGF and in our new data repository. Also the spinclim data, which are derived from counterclim, have been updated accordingly.

The associated paper has just been resubmitted to GMD, and we are happy to share the draft with people interested in starting simulations soon.

In order to allow for a better quantification of climate input data-related uncertainty in the upcoming impact attribution studies, we decided to produce additional counterfactuals for two climate input datasets known from ISIMIP2a, WATCH-WFDEI and the Princeton Global Meteorological Forcing Dataset. We will inform you as soon as those new data are available.

Finally, we also looked into the very large daily precipitation values found in GSWP3 obsclim. Since similarly high values were found in the latest version of the GSWP3 dataset, we did not update the data.

Furthermore, we included a number of additional water management variables to the global water protocol for models that consider water management/human impacts.

Best wishes,

The ISIMIP data team at PIK