ISIMIP3a high-resolution climate data and sensitivity experiments; open PostDoc position

Posted by Martin Park on Feb. 11, 2022

Dear ISIMIP modelers,

For those of you who did not already learn about this through other channels, we have recently added a version of the W5E5 v1.0 dataset downscaled with CHELSA v2.0 to a resolution of roughly 1*1km at global scale to the ISIMIP repository (called CHELSA-W5E5 v1.0, see for details). To assess the value added of such an increase in spatial resolution of the climate input for impact modeling, we have included new, high-resolution climate data sensitivity experiments to the ISIMIP3a protocol (see Tables 1, 4, 5, 6). For these experiments, we now provide the CHELSA-W5E5 climate input dataset at the 1km resolution but also at 3 km, 12 km and 60 km resolutions. The main idea is to drive impact models with the data at these different resolutions and test if model performance compared to observed data improves (or not).

A group of people interested in those experiments has formed already. If you are interested in joining that group or have any other questions about these data and experiments, please write an email to Christopher Reyer, Stefan Lange andr Dirk Karger, who steer this exercise under the umbrella of PROCLIAS Task Group 1.7. In addition, Dirk Karger has secured funding for doing a cross-sectoral analysis of the results (SNF project Adohris). He is currently looking for a postdoc to do this work starting in summer 2022. So if you are interested or know someone, let Dirk know!

Two additional key points:

  1. these are sensitivity experiments, please be assured that 0.5° remains standard climate input resolution in ISIMIP3
  2. Because the 1*1km files are very large, the data download function of the ISIMIP data portal now also allows you to download only selected regions or points.

Kind regards,

The ISIMIP cross-sectoral science team