ISIMIP3a high-resolution climate input data update, mailing list memberships

Posted by Martin Park on April 4, 2022

Dear ISIMIP Modelers,

This email has two purposes. First, we want to inform you that we have replaced the 6’ resolution version of the CHELSA-W5E5 dataset with a 5’ version. Hence, this climate input dataset for the ISIMIP3a high-resolution sensitivity experiment is now available at 0.5’, 1.5’, 5’, and 30’ resolution. The switch from 6’ to 5’ is motivated by feedback from some of you suggesting that non-climate input data are more widely available at 5’ resolution. Please find the updated dataset DOI at <>. Since the associated high-resolution sensitivity experiment is at an early stage we hope that nobody has yet started simulations based on the (now obsolete) 6’ resolution version of CHELSA-W5E5.

Secondly, we would like to reduce instances such as this one, where we need to send emails with identical or very similar content to both isimip-data_updates and isimip-modelers since we would not reach all the people we want to reach if we only sent an email to one of those mailing lists. By April 15, we will therefore add all members of isimip-modelers (i.e. all recipients of this email) to isimip-data_updates. Many of you already are on both lists but if you are not and do not wish to be added to isimip-data_updates then please let us know via <> before that day. From that day onward, isimip-modelers will not go silent but all emails exclusively about ISIMIP data updates will only go to isimip-data_updates.

Best wishes, the ISIMIP coordination team at PIK