Land-use data 2000-2012 // Update to biomes output variables // River dam data for water models //

Posted on Aug. 28, 2014

We would like to share with you a few pieces of important information relating to your modelling activities.

1. Land-use data 2000-2012

There has been a request to provide dynamic land-use data for the period 2000-2012, as compared to the static data currently provided for this period.  The dynamic data set available to us for this period has the limitation that the agricultural crop land is aggregated, so that individual crop types are not specified.  There is only a separation between crop land and grass land. 

We would like to hear from you, if this is not sufficient for your model. 

2. Update to biomes output variables

The table of output variables to be supplied by the biomes models has been updated.  The major change is that all variables, where appropriate, should be reported for each PFT, not as the aggregate.  That is an essential update for the validation task!

In addition, the variable Snow Water Equivalent (swe) has been added to the list. 

The updated table can be found in the latest version of the protocol (v1.2), and the changes are also noted on the summary sheet for biomes models.

3. River dam data for water models

The file containing locations, capacities, and completion dates of river dams and reservoirs is now available on the DKRZ server (select "Input_Other", then "GRanDv1.1_adjusted"). It is based on the GRanD v1.1 database, but has been adjusted to match the DDM30 river network; see the file header for a description of the procedure. Please note that the year indicated should generally be interpreted as the year of completion of the dam, keeping in mind that this is not further specified in the original database and may be inaccurate for some cases.

We hope those of you in the northern hemisphere have enjoyed the summer!

Best wishes,
The ISI-MIP coordination team.

20 August 2014: ISI-MIP2 cross-sectoral workshop:  2-5 March, 2015

Dear ISI-MIP Participants,

We are delighted to invite you to the ISI-MIP2 cross-sectoral workshop, dedicated to the focus topic "model evaluation with regard to the representation of extreme events and variability".  The preliminary details are as follows:

2-5 March, 2015
IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

The idea behind this workshop is to bring together the entire ISI-MIP2 community to discuss preliminary analyses of the historical validation runs, to plan joint publications and to get to know each other.  Whilst the focus of the meeting will be on cross-sectoral synergies within the project, there will also be ample time planned for researchers to discuss sector-specific issues .

There will be no participation fee for the workshop. 

At this stage we just wanted to invite you to keep the dates free.  In the coming months we will be bringing you more details, and requesting that you submit abstracts for analyses and papers that you would like to present.

Until then, happy simulating!