MAILING LIST SHUT-DOWN; WARNING: bad tasmin and tasmax values in ISIMIP3b climate input data

Posted by Martin Park on May 27, 2020

Dear ISIMIP community,

Please be aware that this is the last email sent to the old mailing list, so don't forget to register for the new mailing lists: isimip-followers for general information and isimip-modelers for specific information on data caveats, protocol updates, etc.

Bruno Lemke and Tord Kjellstrom from NMIT and HEIT (New Zealand) made us aware of an issue in the ISIMIP3b climate input data, specifically the bias-adjusted tasmin and tasmax data. There are grid cells with obviously wrong values in some months due to a convergence problem in the bias adjustment of the diurnal temperature range. Only tasmin and tasmax are affected. We are going to fix the bug and replace the data for these two variables for all climate models and climate scenarios. We will inform you shortly about the scale of the problem, i.e., which files, grid cells and months are affected. New data will certainly come in the same format so it may be useful to already get your routines running based on the available data.

Best wishes,
the ISIMIP team at PIK