New data extraction feature for countries, regions and points available

Posted by Martin Park on Jan. 10, 2022

Dear ISIMIP community,

you can now cut out smaller parts of the global ISIMIP files directly on This is possible for countries, user-defined rectangles and individual places (points). You can also mask the data outside a certain country, bounding box or by applying a land-sea-mask before download. You can request averages over the selected country or rectangles and then download the time series in csv file format. The format for individual points is also csv. The processing is performed on the server and the download starts when the files are ready.

You can access the feature via the “Configure Download” option available in the data search ( for global NetCDF files.

We hope this will help to save you some work for the basic operations we all do so often, and more importantly will allow new users to benefit from ISIMIP data. Please spread the word!

Best greetings,

the ISIMIP data team at PIK