PNAS Special Feature

Posted on Sept. 4, 2012

1. For the Special Feature up to 18 papers will be invited.
2. An editorial committee has been formed to select papers. It consists of J. Rocklöv, J. Elliott, A. Friend, N. Arnell, and the ISI-MIP team. Furthermore, C. Rosenzweig and P. Kabat have been invited.
3. We will select the papers for a short list on Friday September 9.
4. The minimum criteria for these papers to be considered for selection are as follows (fulfill 2 out of 3): They need to be multi-model, cross-sectoral or global domain.

5. Therefore, sending our sincere apologies ahead for this short notice, we would like to ask you to inform us by Wednesday night if your abstract is still in the running as submitted earlier, if you want to withdraw it at this point or if you want to submit a new abstract in case you have a new idea or want to modify it.