Server vre1 in operation again // Update bias correction paper and model references

Posted on Jan. 24, 2013

Please find below a couple of updates regarding the current status of the server vre1, the bias-correction paper as well as the table of ISI-MIP models & references.

1) Vre1 in operation again

As of 23 January vre1 is in operation again. Unfortunately, we suffered from a significant loss and damage of files among almost all models. We successfully restored the data pool on vre1 by resynchronizing it with our local copy as well as copying over the newer files from blizzard. Therefore, write access to all sub-directories of upload_area were revoked to not interfere with the restoring process. From now on read and write permissions (only lowest level) to sub-folders of upload_area are again given to you. The last step will be to reassign file ownerships to you modelers to ensure you potentially can update your files on your own. This process is still ongoing but shouldn't interfere with your up and download activities (except the file you want to update has not been transferred to you yet).

2) Updated references in table of ISI-MIP models & references

Thanks to all of those who have provided updated model references. Please find attached an updated version of the overview table.

So far, WaterGAP, MPI-HM, H08, VIC and LPJ-GUESS have provided updated references (highlighted in yellow). In addition, the first reference for Hybrid4 was obsolete and has been deleted.

Please note that the full model names of Mac-PDM.09 and LPJ-GUESS have been changed and that some specifications were added to the VIC references by Ingjerd Haddeland.

3) Bias correction paper accepted for open discussion

We are pleased to inform you that the manuscript “A trend-preserving bias correction -- the ISI-MIP approach” by S. Hempel et al. has been published as a discussion paper in ESDD, the scientific discussion forum of ESD:

The paper is now accessible and open for Interactive Public Discussion until 04 Mar 2013 at:, where you will also find all citation details.

Referees, authors and other members of the scientific community can submit interactive comments for immediate non-peer-reviewed publication alongside the discussion paper. These comments are fully citable and archived together with the discussion paper.