sharing paper ideas

Posted by Martin Park on Oct. 29, 2020

Dear ISIMIP modelers,

We are excited to hear that you have already generated first ISIMIP3 outputs despite all the Corona-related constraints we have all faced since the protocol release.

It seems that we have to be patient until we can enjoy our next physical community workshop. In order to facilitate collaboration and to enable scientific networking in these difficult times we are happy to support you in finding collaboration partners and developing paper ideas within our community: whenever you have developed a paper idea and are looking for suitable collaboration partners, we encourage you to share your abstract within the ISIMIP modelers community. You can either write directly to, or you send your abstract to and we will share it with all registered ISIMIP modelers, or certain sectors as indicated.

In the ISIMIP group at PIK we recently developed three abstracts on

“Direct economic impacts of fluvial floods”

“Long-term impacts of fluvial floods on economic growth”

“A simulation framework to estimate the risk of human displacement due to river floods”

All three studies will rely on the output of the global hydrological models participating in ISIMIP3a/b and the robustness of the results will increase with the number of available model runs. We are very much looking forward to anyone who is interested in getting involved. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch through

Best greetings from Potsdam,

your ISIMIP coordination team at PIK