Sharing your abstracts within ISI-MIP // ISI-MIP protocol changes and output file preparation

Posted on June 14, 2012

In order to facilitate coordination between paper authors/teams, we would like to make the preliminary abstracts that we have received from you available to all other ISI-MIP participants.

We will upload the abstracts to a separate directory on the DKRZ server, so that they will be accessible in the same fashion as the input data. This also means they will not be visible to anyone outside the ISI-MIP project. In each case, we will upload the latest version we have received.

If you do NOT want your preliminary abstract made available to other participants, please let us know by Tuesday, 19th June.

We would like to convey to you the latest changes in the protocol:

1. The most up-to-date version of the protocol can be found on our website under "Simulation protocol". On the same page you will find the corresponding addendum which is also available for download and highlights in detail the changes that have been made.

There have been some changes in section regarding the preparation of NetCDF files, in this respect we have also added some new information on the website to help you prepare your data output. ( ->  Output data -> output file preparation):

Please include the information which input data you have used for your simulations as "global attribute comment1" in your output data nc-file (arg5 in the shell scripts). List the variables together with their version number in alphabetical order.

You used total precipitation rate version 2, average air temperature version 1, air pressure version 1 and specific humidity version 2. Then comment1 should be:

:comment1 = 'huss_v2 pr_v2 ps_v1 tas_v1'

2. Furthermore, output scripts have been slightly modified so that they fit to the naming conventions for the scenarios and time slices as specified in the protocol. You can find the scripts on our website under "Output data" -> "Output file preparation".