Special Issue

Posted on Nov. 6, 2015

We are delighted to report that Environmental Research Letters (ERL) have responded positively to our application for a Focus Issue on the proposed topic: 'Consistent evaluation of impact models with respect to the representation of extreme events and variability across sectors'. 

Here are a few more details:

Non-ISI-MIP papers
The ERL editors have suggested that the focus issue also be opened up to non-ISI-MIP papers.  Since ERL is an online journal, and does not have an upper limit for the number of papers in a focus issue, opening up the issue to other papers would not lessen the chances of ISI-MIP papers being published, so we also see this as a great opportunity to engage with the wider impacts modelling community.

Additional Papers
The number of papers that can appear in the focus issue is fairly flexible, and will not be limited to just the list of papers proposed in the application to ERL.  We therefore encourage any of you who are considering preparing a paper based on the ISI-MIP2.1a simulations to make use of the opportunity to submit to the focus issue, and of course to let us and potential co-authors know about your plans.

Submission deadline
We will now discuss the details of the timeline for the focus issue with ERL and forward these on as they come to hand. At this stage, we will propose opening the focus issue for submissions in March, 2016, with a final submission deadline of 31 May, 2016.  However, there should be some flexibility with this, especially in those cases where model simulations are not yet complete.

Publication costs

Since ERL is an open-access journal, there are publication costs of around US$2000/paper. Discounts are available for reasons such as: you are an AGU member, or you have reviewed papers for ERL in the past year.  You can see the full list of discounts here.  If you have no funds available to pay the publication fees, but plan to submit a paper for the special issue, please get in touch.  We can't promise anything, but will do our best to assist you in finding a way to cover the costs.