Strategy Group Meeting, 2019 cross-sectoral workshop, reflections on stakeholder survey

Posted on Nov. 5, 2018

Dear ISIMIP community,

With this email, we’d like to give you some updates on recent and future events surrounding ISIMIP.

In late September, we hosted the ISIMIP Strategy Group Meeting here at PIK. There, we discussed and decided on the scenario set-up for the next ISIMIP simulation round. The outcomes of the meeting are summarized in this report.

We are currently still working on updating the simulation protocols and will inform you about the changes made by the beginning of next year.

Even though it has only been a couple of weeks since our Strategy Group Meeting, we're already starting to plan the next ISIMIP workshop. In 2019, there will be another larger cross-sectoral ISIMIP workshop. The workshop will take place in Paris (hosted by Philippe Ciais) on 4-7 June, 2019 (most likely from Tuesday noon to Friday noon). Please save the date.

The report on the ISIpedia stakeholder survey, including reflections from the ISIMIP Sector Coordinators and the Cross-sectoral Science Team on its outcome, is now available online. The report can be downloaded here.

Best wishes from Potsdam,

Felix on behalf of the ISIMIP team