Update of ISIMIP3a protocol (transition period, scenario labels)

Posted by Martin Park on April 21, 2020

Dear ISIMIP community,

Thanks to first approaches to running the ISIMIP3 protocols we have been made aware of two inconsistencies we corrected and which we would like to announce in this email:

- to be consistent with the CMIP6 historical simulations (and hence ISIMIP3b), the transition period in ISIMIP3a starts in 1850 (instead of in 1860).
- we simplified the scenario naming by including the pre-1901 constant climate period (previously 1860soc scenario) into the histsoc scenario instead of giving it a separate 1860soc label. This means you do not have to change anything about your runs, but the labels.

We wish you all the best and are looking forward to your ISIMIP3 contributions,
the ISIMIP organizational team.