Updates on input data, protocol, etc.

Posted on April 4, 2012

With this email, we are sending you some important information on the following topics:

1) Updates on input data availability
2) Updates to the simulation protocol
3) Output file preparation

1) In addition to the climate input data that was initially made available on March 23rd, we have now uploaded HadGEM2-ES data for the RCP6.0 scenario, and IPSL-CM5A-LR data for the RCP2.6 scenario. Thus, data is now available for the following models and scenarios/periods:

Moreover, for the following models and scenarios we have updated the surface air pressure (ps) data:

These surface air pressure (ps) data had to be updated because an error had been introduced earlier during bias-correction, so that the data had to be processed again. Unfortunately some of the erroneous data had already been uploaded to the server, and thus there is a chance that you may have downloaded it. We therefore have to ask you to discard any surface air pressure (ps) data that you may have downloaded previous to this email, and to replace it by the data that is now available on the server. We are really sorry for this mistake on our side, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Please also note that some total wind speed (wind) data zip-files previously available on the server were empty or did not contain the complete data set (in particular, files for the IPSL-CM5A-LR model and for the historical period and RCP6.0 of the HadGEM2-ES model were affected). If you have downloaded incomplete wind files, please download the complete ones that are now available on the server. Unfortunately the complete files for IPSL-CM5A-LR/rcp8p5/wind are still not available. They will be added as soon as possible. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.

Finally, please note that unrealistically high monthly-mean precipitation (pr) values appear in some semi-arid regions such as the Sahel for some, but not all, future scenarios, months, and grid cells. We are investigating the cause of this problem and will try to provide corrected data soon. If you use the precipitation data presently available on the server, please be aware that the data will be replaced once the cause of the anomalies has been identified.

We will keep you informed about additions and corrections to the input data archive.

2) Several small flaws and omissions in the simulation protocol have been brought to our attention since we published the finalized version (thanks to all of you who reported these). An updated version of the protocol, with changes highlighted, is available now on our website www.isimip.org under "Simulation protocol". In the same place, these is an "Addendum" list of all the changes that have been made relative to the original finalized version. This list will be constantly amended as we keep updating the protocol any time new issues come to our attention. We ask you to always refer to the latest version of the protocol as available on the website. We will also inform you via email about important updates to the protocol.

3) As you start preparing your first model output files, please see our website for shell scripts, example files, and instructions that help you prepare your output files in the correct format. Visit www.isimip.org and click "Output data", then "output file preparation". Information on the upload procedure will also be posted under "Output data" in the future.

And one further note: If you are generating results in the biomes sector, please pay particular attention to the revised definitions and requested output for the FPAR and LAI variable (see the updated simulation protocol).