WFDEI data set etended to 2013

Posted on Jan. 12, 2016

We have received information from the developer, Graham Weedon, that the WFDEI data set has now been extended such that there is a complete set of variables up to 2013 (previously the data set ended in 2010).  We have processed these three additional years' data to the standard ISI-MIP format and placed the files on the DKRZ server <>.  For all variables other than rainfall and snowfall, the data also includes 2014.

Whilst these additional years aren't part of the ISI-MIP2.1a protocol, we imagine that many of you might be interested in running these data through your models, especially because they offer the opportunity to study recent extreme events.

If you do decide to use these data, we ask you to upload them to the DKRZ server in a separate file, just for the additional years, so as not to create confusion with the existing files for the periods stipulated in the simulation protocol.

And don't forget that abstract submissions for the EGU 2016 close tomorrow (13 January)!