Workshop registration; new input data; protocol update

Posted on Aug. 1, 2012

1. We would like to encourage all workshop attendees to register on our website ( until the 13th of August: On the front page on the upper right you will find a News & Events section, click on the entry "Register for the ISI-MIP Results Workshop September 2012" and please fill in the online registration form.

2. We would kindly like to remind you to upload your output data in NetCDF version 4 format with internal compression, if possible. Please see the instructions for output file preparation on the website ( > Output data > Output file preparation). In particular, such files do not require any further compression e.g. with zip or gzip.

3. We are happy to announce that the NorESM1-M (GCM5) climate input data are completely transferred to the DKRZ server and ready to be used.

4. Also, some updates have been made in the simulation protocol - please see the latest version of the protocol, as well as the addendum with the respective changes highlighted in yellow, both available for download on our website (

5. An updated overview of the input data versions is available on our website ( > Input data).