Workshop reminder // data information // protocol

Posted on Aug. 9, 2012

Reading workshop

We would hereby kindly like to remind you to register for our results workshop by Monday, 13 August.  To do so, please go to our website ( On the upper right, under "News & Events", click on the entry "Register for the ISI-MIP Results Workshop September 2012" and fill in the online registration form.

We will invite a selection of you to present the paper ideas that you had submitted in the form of an abstract.  The selection is based on those abstracts that suggest a multi-model study or cover more than one sector. However, we encourage you to get in contact if you did not receive such an invitation, but nevertheless would see practical benefit in presenting your paper to the other modellers in your sector, or to the entire ISI-MIP group.

Climate data versions

For those of you who uploaded model runs for the version 2 climate data set for HadGEM2-ES and who now want to upload new version 3 data:

To avoid overwriting version 2 data, we ask that you create and place all version 2 data in a subfolder named old_v2 [please be sure to include the period (.) at the beginning of the folder name].  You will create this folder within the folders already designated for each model, scenario and variable.

Protocol changes

Please also note a small correction made in the simulation protocol, regarding the time axis format of your NetCDF files - please see > Simulation protocol.