Your input needed! Model Experiment Documentation

Posted on Jan. 18, 2016

We would like to ask for your help in collecting key information about impact models participating in ISI-MIP, and the settings used to generate simulation results, in a common document. The goal of this exercise is to provide an accurate and comprehensive source of information for those using ISI-MIP simulation data for scientific studies, for example when finishing the analyses for papers intended for submission to the special issue. We believe that this will become an extremely valuable and time-saving resource both for ISI-MIP participants, and for those making use of ISI-MIP simulation data once it has been transferred for public use to the ESGF server.

At this stage we are collecting the information in the form of an online Google table that is based on the discussions in Zürich and subsequent discussions with the sectoral coordinators. In a few months we will be transferring the information to our new website, which will also include filter capabilities for you to more easily find the information you want. Here is the link:

We have devised a set of standard questions which are relevant to (almost) all models. These questions can be found in the 'General' tab of the table. Please note that a few questions in the General tab don't apply to models in all sectors - these are marked with *. All other questions should be completed by all models, irrespective of sector. There is then a separate tab for those sectors where simulation activities are actively taking place. For some sectors (regional water, energy, agriculture, biomes), most or at least some of the information has already been filled out. This is either because we have directly inherited similar tables from sector-specific initiatives, or because the sectoral coordinators had already collected the necessary information.

*It's now over to you!*

We ask you to fill out the table to the best of your ability. Once you have completed /all /entries in both the general and sector-specific table, please change the background colour of the cell with your model name from pink back to the original grey. This way we will know you have checked the entry. If your model is not yet listed, our apologies in advance for the oversight, and please add an extra row and don't forget to let us know!