ISIMIP2b cross-sectoral workshop

The ISIMIP2b cross-sectoral workshop will be hosted at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) on 9-10 October, 2017.

The workshop will also serve as the kick-off workshop for the European JPI-Climate project "ISIpedia". The followig elements will be included in the workshop program (preliminary version below):

  • Time for cross-sectoral ISIMIP modellers' meetings:

    • Discuss latest ISIMIP results, introduce new sectors, discuss future plans & challenges associated with the current simulations can be discussed;

    • Discuss scientific strategies within ISIMIP e.g. comparing scales, communicating results, development of input data sets including land-use data;

    • Sector-specific ISIMIP modellers' meetings.

  • Face-to-face interactions between ISIMIP modellers and ISIpedia stakeholders, focusing on:

    • Gathering ideas for future focus topics, ideas for climate-impacts indicators;

    • Discussions on exchanging the necessary data to facilitate the corresponding simulation activities;

    • Exchange of experiences and development of new ideas on collaborations between modellers and stakeholders.


Program overview


Download the more detailed program here.

Download the participants list here.

Catering & workshop dinner

Catering will be provided on both workshop days including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (only on day 1).

The workshop dinner will be held on the evening of the first workshop day (9 October) at the restaurant in the Hotel Mercure – (Lange Brücke, Potsdam, see map below). You can either walk approximately 20 min directly from the meeting venue to Hotel Mercure or take the bus 691 (see description RETURNING TO THE AIRPORT) until Potsdam main station and from there walk 10 minutes to reach the hotel.

Workshop venue

The workshop will take place at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) - Telegraphenberg, Potsdam. The meeting will be held in the conference room of building A56 (see the map below).

Getting to the workshop

Airport to PIK

If you are coming to Berlin by air, you will most probably arrive at Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL). Outside the airport buildings you will find public buses (BVG). There are two buses you can take: X9 (to Zoologischer Garten) or 109 (to Charlottenburg station). In both cases you then need to get on an S-Bahn or Regio (RE) train to Potsdam Hbf.

If you arrive at Airport Schönefeld (SFX) the fastest way to get to Potsdam Hbf is to take the Regional Train from the airport direct to Potsdam Hbf. It leaves once an hour.

To reach Potsdam, you need only one ticket, a Berlin-ABC ticket (it costs 3.40 EUR). You can obtain it from the bus driver or at the underground or S-Bahn station at a ticket machine. When obtaining your ticket from the ticket machine, please make sure to validate your ticket by stamping it (red box, next to the ticket machine) before entering the train. If you buy the ticket from the bus driver it is valid immediately. The ticket is valid for 2 hours, and can also be used to travel on buses and trams within Potsdam.

If arriving late, you might want to check the time tables beforehand here.

PIK to Airport

To reach the Berlin airports from PIK, you can walk or catch a bus to the Potsdam Hbf, and there you can take regional trains (RE or RB) towards Berlin and change to a connecting bus/train to your airport.

Bus 691 – Direction: Potsdam Hbf

The bus leaves every 20 minutes at :01, :21 and :41 past the hour (from in front of the PIK canteen). The first Bus is at 15:01. For those leaving earlier, you have to walk (20 minutes) to Potsdam main station. It is very easy.

To reach Schönefeld Airport (SFX) – take the bus (or walk) to Potsdam Hbf, and then the RB train directly to Schönefeld Airport from platform 3 (this train runs only once per hour). The travel time is approx 1 hour. Alternatively, you can catch the RE train to Berlin Hbf, and then a connecting train to Schönefeld Airport. This option takes approx 1.5 hours.

To reach Tegel Airport (TXL) - take the bus (or walk) to Potsdam Hbf, and then change at Potsdam Hbf to the RE train (stopping at several stations in Berlin) from platform 4. Take the RE train to Charlottenburg, and then change to Bus 109 towards Flughafen (Airport) Tegel. The travel time is approx 1 hour and 10 mins.

Getting from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof to PIK

From Potsdam Hbf you can either walk up to the Telegraphenberg (see map on right), which will take about 20 minutes (Leave the Hbf via its south-exit and walk along “Albert-Einstein-Straße”, through the forest – see map below) or take a bus.

The bus station is also on the south side of the main building. take the Bus 691 – Direction: Potsdam, Telegrafenberg (it leaves every 20 minutes at :13, :33 and :53 past the hour, except between 09:30 am and 03:00 pm). Exit the bus at its last stop “Telegrafenberg” (attention: do not confuse it with the second last stop which is “Zum Telegrafenberg”! This is one stop too early!).

The bus will stop in front of the PIK canteen (Haus H), in the center of the Telegraphenberg area from where you can reach all buildings by foot.

Finding the conference venue

The workshop sessions will take place in 'Konferenzsaal' of building A56 of the Einstein Wissenschaftspark, the three-winged building circled in red on the map on the right.