PROCLIAS-ISIMIP webinar on the upcoming IPBES Assessment Report

Date and Time: 30.8.2022, 3:00-4:30 pm (CEST)



  • Prof. Paula Harrison, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, is one of the Chairs of the Introductory chapter to the Nexus report
  • Prof. Pete Smith, University of Aberdeen, is one of the Coordinating Lead Authors of the chapter biodiversity-related approaches to climate change, adaptation and mitigation of the IPBES Nexus report
  • Dr. Akihiko Ito, National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan, is one of the Lead Authors for the chapter on biodiversity-related approaches to climate change, and also invovled in the ISIMIP biomes sector with the model VISIT.



Climate change and biodiversity are still largely addressed separately in research and policy. The lack of exchange between these two research communities not only hampers progress on understanding and projecting climate change impacts on biodiversity, but can have detrimental effects, with the risk that, for example, excessive implementation of ‘nature-based solutions’ leads to further biodiversity decline.

With this webinar we want to introduce IPBES and especially its Nexus Assessment Report which is currently being drafted to climate change impact modelers from the PROCLIAS/ISIMIP Community that are typically not very familiar with the IPBES process. The aim is to show possible avenues of how the sectoral and cross-sectoral analyses of ISIMIP data could better contribute to research and policy on climate change and socioeconomic factors impacting biodiversity.