ISIMIP2a and ISIMIP2b water (global): WaterGAP2 renaming

Posted by Iliusi Vega del Valle on Feb. 18, 2021

Initially, ISIMIP2a was intended to evaluate models and modellers could run improved models for ISIMIP2b. However, during phase 2b, this shifted towards having, if possible, same model versions in ISIMIP2a and 2b.

In reaching this consistency, WaterGAP2 modellers have done the extended simulations of ISIMIP2a with the same model version that was used for ISIMIP2b (WaterGAP 2.2c). The files previously published in ISIMIP2a were done with a different model version (WaterGAP 2.2 (ISIMIP2a)).

We will keep all previous WaterGAP2 simulations for ISIMIP2a, but to make explicit which simulations use the same model version in 2a and 2b, we will rename the models as follows:

  • Current files in ISIMIP2a, will be renamed to WaterGAP22ISIMIP2a
  • Current files in ISIMIP2b, will be renamed to WaterGAP22c